About Us

Our primary focus

Our beliefs are simple, affordable prices, high-quality manufacturing processes and a range of bespoke options.

We believe that with the great pieces of furniture we offer, we can bring the ideals of some of the greatest designers back to the masses. Inspired by iconic artisans , our team insist on the utmost quality of materials used ensuring durability.

We create beautiful modern furniture that can be customized in a diverse range of colours and materials to match your interior.

High grade materials

Whether it’s high-grade Danish cashmere or premium Italian leather, our approach allows the Nordic Haus team to source the finest materials available. Handpicked materials are then rigorously tested undergoing a stringent quality control procedure within our supply chain.

Subsequently we ensure that the quality and durability of our products are incorporated. Our qualified team deliver decades of experience within industrial manufacturing processes, supported with state-of-the art facilities and innovation ensuring the average consumer can enjoy timeless furniture as your average, mass produced designs.

Our humans

Our humans are passionate about great design, and we want you to be too. From developers to designers, customer service specialists and content managers, each member of Nordic Haus is committed to offering the best furniture at incredible prices.

Our global family has a diverse set of skills and attitudes, but we all share a love of modern furniture, stylish interiors and the desire to see it in your living space. By developing direct and long-term relationships with manufacturers, we are able to make high-end designer furniture widely available.